DICOMautomaton Volumetric Slice Mapping

Hal Clark


DVSM (the DICOMautomaton Volumetric Slice Mapping tool) is a software tool for contouring and medical image exploration/visualization. It is composed of the DICOMautomaton suite with an interactive receiver based on Minetest.

A poster on DVSM was presented at ICCR2016. The display included a video kiosk giving a short demonstration of “cooperative” contouring – jumping back and forth between DVSM and a standard contouring mode.


The DICOMautomaton sources are available here.

Please send me an email via

for Minetest receiver backend source access.


The following poster was presented along with the video below. Note that this poster is licensed cc-by-nc-sa-3.0.

This poster (abstract) can be cited as:

H. Clark, J. Beaudry, J. Wu, and S. Thomas.
Making use of virtual dimensions for visualization and contouring.
Poster presentation at 18th International Conference on the use of Computers in Radiation Therapy, London, UK. June 27→30, 2016.

Poster Video


In-game view of an eye. The lens (near the top), orbit (centre), and optic nerve (bottom) stand out.
In-game view of an eye socket and nasal cavities.

Only individual slices can be viewed at a time, since the pixel intensity is used to generate a height map. Embedding volumetric data is possible, but would be extremely time consuming – the user would have to contour by excavating the entirety of the anatomy of interest!


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