DICOMautomaton Wiki + Tutorial

Hal Clark


It’s Friday again, so here is something I found neat. The UBC Eng Phys capstone project team visited the cancer clinic to CT scan a few objects to use as registration phantoms. One was a Rubik’s cube (below), which looks pretty neat.

In the last week DICOMautomaton received some major updates. For starters, platform file selection dialogs are now used where possible. This functionality permitted a new DICOMautomaton operation to be created (LoadFilesInteractively), which is a significant step toward supporting modal workflows. The new Marching Cubes implementation also gained exposure through the ConvertContoursToMeshes and ExtractRadiomicFeatures operations. There were also several bug fixes on Windows and, perhaps least importantly, the DICOMautomaton dispatcher program gained a new icon.

I hope to give an in-service on DICOMautomaton soon, which will involve a presentation and maybe some structured learning material. But in the meantime I’ve started documenting ‘getting started’ tutorials. The first is now live online here: https://github.com/hdclark/DICOMautomaton/wiki/.